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Natalie Pinson

Head of Digital Adoption Practice

Natalie is a highly motivated and driven - output oriented professional, with thirty years' experience in fast paced environments across diverse industries with expertise in process & business optimisation and digital transformation.


New ways of working are critical to the success of organisations and it's people. Technology is moving at a fast pace and people are overwhelmed in today’s digital world. The end user experience must be a priority to retain staff. Traditional onboarding and training methods are costly and no longer sustainable as we are forced into remote ways of working. Innovative, learning and development is now fundamental to the success of organisations.

Natalie has a passion to support organisations and people transform seamlessley into the modern, digital world. With experience delivering enterprise-wide onboarding and training programs supporting system implementation projects and ongoing user adoption, Natalie can lead your organisation into the future with innovative ways of working using artificial intelligence, analytics, engagement, guidance and automation, utilising WalkMe DAP which assists users to complete tasks seamlessly over any web-based software application accelerating ROI across software investments.


Natalie's expertise includes delivering:
- Onboarding and Training Programs supporting system implementation projects

- Process & Business Optimisation

- Change & Communication Management
- PMO Office & Project Management
- Digital Transformation Projects
- People Management – Drive great team culture, performance, efficiencies & improved outputs.
- Establishment of contact centres & management

- Recruitment & training

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