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AVEO is Australia’s leading and most innovative retirement living provider, with communities across Australia. For over 30 years AVEO have been dedicated to delivering the best retirement living options with high-quality living and care options. AVEO is embarking on a system transformation from on premise to cloud. The change will see significant impact to users as they adapt to the new interface and capabilities of the platform. AVEO are dedicated to supporting employees through this change to drive positive user advocacy of the new platform.

The Case


AVEO was introduced to The Big Middle by WalkMe Vendor to support the organisation implement WalkMe DAP solutions and leverage WalkMe capabilities as a digital alternative to support user onboarding and drive consistent adoption for Contact Centre and Sales Teams.


The Big Middle have supported AVEO implement WalkMe DAP solutions which:

  1. Support Contact Centre & Sales Teams with in-app, self-guidance, stepping users through the process in the moment they needed it, driving user adoption and improved performance.

  2. Seamless end user experience, supporting both new and current users through organisational changes and training with automation (technology teaching the user).

  3. Data Analytics and insights utilised to pinpoint ongoing user pain points to drive solutions to improve performance and business optimisation.

  4. Accelerate ROI on technology.


Context information 

Customer name: AVEO

Industry: Health

Implementation: Dynamics365



AVEO wanted to support end users adapt to new technology and ensure a positive end user experience.

  1. Reduce turnover of staff which puts demand on trainers.

  2. In-house onboarding and training no longer sustainable and costly.

  3. Ease administrative burden and drive positive user advocacy.

  4. Support end users with a positive system change experience.



AVEO wanted to improve the user experience and , Key objectives included: 

  • Digital solutions to support Contact Centre and Sales end users navigate across technology and processes with automated, self-guided solutions.

  • Drive accuracy, efficiency and improve performance, which supports a great customer experience.

  • Improve end user experience and adoption, gaining feedback to refine and improve.

  • Utilise data analytics and insights for ongoing business optimisation, identifying where end users continue to struggle and building digital solutions to improve the experience.



AVEO chose The Big Middle as we had an experienced team with Health Industry background and understood the importance of how WalkMe capabilities could greatly improve the end user experience and drive ROI across technology.



The Big Middle has a long-term relationship with AVEO, commencing with Phase 1 Contact Centre WalkMe Solutions, leading into Phase 2 work driving Sales optimisation nationally.

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